Milton Fall Fair


September 23rd & 24th 2017

HUNTER DAY- Saturday September 23th
JUMPER DAY-Sunday September 24th

Start time 8:00am

hunter-jumper hunter-jumper show

Horse Show Info:

PLEASE NOTE - We will not be accepting cheques this year - CASH ONLY

1. Equine Canada & Halton Agriculture Rules Apply

2. Dress code – Proper riding attire and approved helmets required. Helmets must be worn at all times while mounted.

3. All horses/ponies & exhibitors must enter through Thomas Street Gate

4. No refund without vet/ferrier/Dr’s certificate or scratch fee will apply

5. Committee reserves the right to change or alter program. Classes must have a minimum of 3 entries to run or division will be combined where possible.

6. All riders/horses/ponies must be in a safe controlled manner at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and immediate removal from fairgrounds.

7. Free admission for exhibitors, plus driver/groom. All others are required to pay the admission fee at the gate. Trailers may be expected to Pay at the Gate, if so they will be refunded at the show office.

8. Anyone excused by the judge must leave the ring immediately. Riders will be allowed 2 refusals before elimination from class. Riders may take 1 courtesy fence before exiting ring at judge’s approval.

9. Competitors MUST have a representative present at the awards presentation in order to receive your prizes & prize money.

10. Jumper Medal – this is judged as an equitation class with a time allowed. Top 6 Riders will be asked to return to ring for flat phase PRIZE FOR WINNER!

11. Hunter over fences will be run in a back to back format.

12. Beginner Divisions Lead Line, walk/trot lead line & Good Grooming Competitors must be 13yrs & under. Open Beginner Division & crossrail classes are open to all ages there will be two 4 jump courses offered. 

13. Un-judged schooling trips will be run back to back with Hunter divisions. Ring will be open prior to the 18" division for hunter warm up, coaches allowed in ring.

14. Milton Fall Classic Costume Class – Open to Horses/Ponies Only. Horse/Pony may be ridden or lead. If mounted riders MUST wear helmets. This class is open to all competitors. Prizes & Ribbons for the best costumes will be awarded 1st-6th.

15. Gamblers Choice – Rider must enter/compete in 1 entire division in order to enter. All heights will be offered. Riders may only compete in the highest height of the division entered in.
Gamblers Choice Rules: Participants create their own course with the goal of gaining the most points. Each jump is worth an assigned number of points – see the posted Gambler’s Choice course for the point value of each jump. Participants will have 45 seconds from the attempt/completion of their first jump. Participants MAY NOT jump the same jump consecutively. You may only jump to same jump 2x. Verticals may be jumped either direction, oxers only the direction set. If a jump is knocked down, points are not given and that jump may not be jumped again during that participants round. Competitor with the most points wins, In the event of a tie there will be a coin toss.

16. Hunter Classic – Eligible entries will be those entered in the 2'3 hunter divisions. Formal attire optional but encouraged. This will be judged & scored as a regular hunter classic. Riders may ride multiple horses/ponies provided they are eligible.

Judging: Each competitor receives a score with 3 components up to a maximum of 120:

      1. Hunter score (out of 100) - The class is judged as a handy hunter class with a score.
      2. High performance bonus (up to 10 bonus points) - Two bonus points awarded for each high performance option taken on course (e.g., higher jump, more challenging line options)
      3. Handy bonus (up to 10 bonus points) – Efficiency of stride (e.g.; less strides, leave out strides), unique turns and approaches, inside turns, slices, athleticism and boldness (e.g., big gallop to jumps), impressionable start and finish
        Jumps: Class will run at 2'6/2'9" with higher options set at  2’9” & 3'0. 

        Rider must enter/compete in 1 entire hunter division in order to enter. 
        Riders may only compete in the highest height of the division entered in. 
        Riders may ride multiple horses/ponies provided they are eligible.
        Formal attire optional. Will be run back to back with Hunter rounds.

This class is going to be super fun. Classes will be run in a team format.
Horse/rider combinations will compete in teams of 3. The Class will run in 3 rounds (HUNTER, EQUITATIION, JUMPER SPEED). Each team member will be scored/timed. The best team score wins! Team spirit is a must.
Matching colours, team name, etc. Class is Open To All Fall Fair Competitors



We will be accepting pre-entries. Please fax to 905-875-1491 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All other entries will be accepted the day of the show. Entry booth opens @ 7:30 am. Entries must be paid in full the day of the show by cheque or cash.

Entry Form


Horse Show Inquiries please phone or text Shelley Speck-Catto 905-299-5228 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You can also find us on facebook –


Clear Round - $15.00
Schooling Round - $15.00
Regular Class - $15.00
Gamblers Choice - $20.00
Nations Cup - $15.00
Jumper Medal - $15.00
Hunter Derby - $20.00
Hunter Classic - $20.00
Lead Line - $5.00
Good Grooming - $5.00
Walk/Trot Lead Line- $5.00
Walk/Trot - $15.00
Walk/Trot/ Ind Canter - $15.00
Crossrail Class 1 - $15.00
Crossrail Class 2 - $15.00
Costume Class - $5.00
Admin Fee - $10.00
Medic Fee - $5.00
Scratch fee - $20.00

Hunter/Jumper Prize List:

Jumper Prize List:
Clear Round – Clear Round Ribbons
Table A – 1st $30 2nd $25 3rd $20 4th $15 5th $10 6th $5
Speed - 1st $30 2nd $25 3rd $20 4th $15 5th $10 6th $5
Stake - 1st $40 2nd $35 3rd $30 4th $25 5th $20 6th $15 
Jumper Medal - Ribbons to 6th Gift for 1st Place
Gamblers Choice – 1st $100 2nd $80 3rd $60 4th $50 5th $40 6th $20

Hunter Prize List:
Beginners – Ribbons & Prizes
Costume Class - Ribbons & Prizes
Hunter Classic – 1st $50 2nd $45 3rd $40 4th $35 5th $30 6th $25
Hunter Classes – 1st $30 2nd $25 3rd $20 4th $15 5th $10 6th $5 
Hunter Derby - 1st $50 2nd $45 3rd $40 4th $35 5th $30 6th $25

Champion & Reserve Champion awards for each division.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our Generous Sponsors:

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Horse Show Photographer: 

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